When to choose a 4 blade propeller?

The difference between a 4-blade propeller and a 3-blade propeller is that you have more blade surface. This leads to a higher thrust force. Especially for heavy boats and / or slow-moving boats this may be beneficial, but also if your boat is struggling to get in plane or if you often pull waterskiers or wakeboarders.

Benefits 3-blade propeller:
– Lower price
– Can achieve a bit higher top speed

Benefits 4-blade propeller:
– Faster in plane
– Better acceleration
– Suitable for heavy boats
– Suitable for pulling waterskiers and wakeboarders
– Better maneuverability at low speed
– More grip in rough water

Tip: If you switch from a 3-blade to a 4-blade, choose 1 pitch smaller to keep the same engine performance (RPM at top speed).