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Propeller Mercruiser

Propeller Mercruiser. Please choose your type of Mercruiser drive below and you will see all propeller types that fit. See here for an easy 3-step guide for choosing the right propeller. Not sure what is on your boat? Almost all of the Mercruiser inboard engines have the Alpha I drive, take a look there. Please note the pictures of the Mercuiser drives below are just examples, your model can look slightly different.

Mercruiser Propeller

We offer all sizes of aluminum propellers for almost all Mercruiser outboard models. We also offer 4 blade and stainless steel propellers for the Alpha / Bravo I models.

Find the right propeller in 3 easy steps!

1. Find out which propeller size (diameter and pitch) you have now (written on your prop)
2. Select your engine type on our site and automatically find the propellers that fit!
3. Select your current pitch propeller, or optionally choose a different pitch to change the performance (read more)

Have more questions?

Please see our FAQ for the most frequently asked questions.